Tasty & Healthy

"The Zone Diet is simple and it works! I am so greatful to have used the Zone Diet. So tasty and so healthy."
Jennifer Aniston Actress

Fresh & Delicious

"When in Toronto filming I know I can depend on ZoneMeals.ca for fresh, delicious meals delivered daily, fabulous, easy and convenient. "
Jude Law Actor

Feel Great

"I can train hard, eat well and feel great. Thank you ZoneMeals.ca for delivering such great food."
Todd Bertuzzi NHL Player

Hectic Schedule

"I never used a prepared food service before but with my schedule on set the Zone has been a blessing to me."
Laurie Fortier Actress


"I love In The Zone Delivery. It's super convenient to get all of your meals delivered so you don't have to think about what you are going to eat each day."
Renee Zellweger Actress

Jamie Ordolis

"Because I am always on the go, working in TV and the web, I really need that extra help to stay healthy, eat righ and get the things my body really needs to keep going. The Zone food delivery service has taken a huge load off my mind. "
Jamie Ordolis Host CBC Live


"In The Zone Delivery was the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to lose weight and feel good during the procees. I would recommend it to anyone."
Karen Kain Artistic Director

Chef Prepared

"As a producer I spend countless hours on set and the food choices can be not the healthiest. I really take pleasure in knowing that my Chef prepared meals are not only great tasting but healthy for me. "
Deren Sarafian Film Producer

Increased Energy

"Weight loss, increased energy and better mental clairty. I love the Zone. Whenever I am in Toronto I use In The Zone Delivery. They're fantastic!"
Tony Shalhoub Actor

Perfect Balance

"Perfect balance. The Zone Diet & Fitness. It tastes great. I never feel deprived and I've never felt better."
Ana Cheri Garcia Actress/Model

Customized Meals

"I'm so happy that I found In The Zone Delivery. It's a real pleasure to eat healthy, delicious food and to be able to customize my meals. "
Tracy Wilson CBS Sports Analyst

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