What is In The Zone Delivery?
In The Zone Delivery is a fresh food program which specializes in preparing Zone inspired meals and delivering them to your home. Each meal is prepared with 30 % lean protein and the rest fruits and vegetables with a dash of Heart Healthy monounsaturated fats and tailored to your needs.
What sets In The Zone Delivery apart from others?
In The Zone Delivery provides balanced, portion controlled, fresh and healthy food based on the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to maximize weight loss.
What guidelines does In The Zone Delivery follow?
The Zone Diet is based on 30% lean protein and 70% fruits, vegetables, and Heart Healthy monounsaturated fats. Once these levels are reached and maintained, the body enters a state of hormonal balance which produces many positive effects, such as stable insulin and glucagon levels, increased energy, and weight loss.
Can I still take vitamins and other supplements?
Yes, but always consult your physician before taking any vitamins and supplements.
Do I have to stop eating rice, pasta or bagels?
No you don't, but a better source of carbohydrates would be fruits and vegetables. You may still receive what we call "unfavourable carbohydrates" but they will be in moderation.


How does the service work?
Once you have decided to get "In the Zone" one of our representatives will conduct a consultation with you over the phone. At that time, we will ask you about your food preferences as well as other necessary information to help us determine how much food to prepare for you. We will then develop your food profile and tailor the program to your needs. You can also go online and access your menu up to 1 week in advance and further customize your menu. Your first delivery can begin within 3 days of the consultation. Each night between midnight and 6 a.m. an In the Zone Delivery driver will drop off a new cooler bag of food and pick up your previous days bag.
What are the benefits?
Not only will you have an incredibly convenient way of eating healthy, great tasting food, some of the benefits of the Zone lifestyle are fat loss, increased energy levels, better mental focus and decreased cravings.
How much weight will I lose?
The most important aspect of the "Zone" program to remember is that it promotes “fat loss” and not just “weight loss”. The average person can lose approximately 1-1.5 lbs of fat per week.
When will I notice the difference?
Although results differ depending upon the individual, most people will notice the difference in 1 to 2 weeks.
Even though I'm not overweight, would the Zone be beneficial?
The Zone was developed by Barry Sears as a program that promotes wellness and a lifestyle change. Weight loss is just one of many benefits of eating this way. Other possible benefits are: reduced risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, as well as an increase in energy levels and better mental acuity/less brain fog.


Does everyone get the same amount of food?
Your meal program is tailored to you, and is based on your lean body mass (LBM) as well as activity level in order to attain optimal results. Meal sizes do vary amongst individuals. Don't worry, you'll be surprised by how much food you receive!
What if I don't like certain foods or have an allergy?
As part of the consultation process we will ask you for all of your dietary considerations. We will then create an individual food profile which is tracked by our computer software system. Our chef will make any substitutions on your behalf so that you don't get any food items which you dislike or have an allergy to. However, if you prefer to further customize your menu you can go online and look at what our chef is planning to prepare for you. If you don't like any of the choices which he has made, we encourage you to make your own.
How many meals do I get?
This depends on which meal plan you choose. The smallest plan contains 2 meals per day, and the biggest plan has 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, which is everything you should be eating in a day.
Do I choose my food?
Our chef normally decides what the menu is for the day, but he does so within the parameters which you’ve given us. We offer a "Breakfast of The Day" item as well with 5 alternatives. All other meals are based on a 6 week rotation. Our salad lunch is cold although there is a Soup or Antipasto option which you can choose any day of the week. We offer 4 different stir fries in addition to our "Chef's Choice" dinner. As previously mentioned, you can go online and choose any of the alternative menu items or further customize the "Chef's Choice" meals.
Do I have to stop drinking alchohol?
Not necessarily. Alcohol is considered a carbohydrate so you should balance it with protein and some fat. If you would like a drink with dinner, all that you have to do is reduce your consumption of the carbohydrates in that meal. Keep in mind that drinking alcohol (more than one glass a day) will slow down your weight loss, so please drink responsibly.


Where do you deliver my food?
We will deliver your meals to your home or office and it's ok to change the delivery location. Normally, changes need to be made 2 days before . However, if you need to make a late address change you can do so up to 5 p.m as long as you PHONE us at 416-480-9663. Online delivery changes must be made by noon the day before.
What if I live in a Condo or Apartment?
If your building has a concierge we can leave it with him/her. If not, we would need a key to ensure building access and then we would leave your food in front of your door. Each bag comes with a security tag.
What if I'm going away or need to take a day off?
You can stop and start the program as often and as long as you like. All that we require is for you to notify us by no later than noon 2 days before (Thursday noon for the weekend) of any changes you wish to make. You can either phone us or make your own changes online. Unfortunately, changes cannot be made by email.
How do I renew?
Your 30 day program will be automatically renewed on your last pre-paid day. If you wish to discontinue the service, all that you have to do is call us. If you are on a 10 day program we will call you before renewing your service.


Please feel free to give us a call or email us if you have any question that is not listed above.
If you have any questions or concerns, send us an email and we will have someone contact you ASAP.

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